"Hoshi made gofun!"
by Mai JINNA
ISBN# 4-09-137672-X
Flower Comics, 1999

The art on the cover of this volume was simply too CUTE for me to resist! Such cute characters! Such bright colors! Such nice looking boys ^_^; The picture extends onto the back cover as well. Click on the manga cover pictured here and you can see the full image, front and back covers. I find it interesting whose handthe blond guy is kissing ^_^; The main story featuring the characters on the cover takes up half of this volume. the other half contains 2 stories about a different character. The art style throughout the volume is crisp with dark, clean lines and absolutely adorable character designs. I was very happy after reading through this. Both sets of stories in this volume seem to be one-shots. I wish the manga artist would do more with these characters!

The first story has the same name as the volume itself, and is about a school girl named Yumi MISUGI. Yumi has a crush on this guy in her school named Getsukou HOSHINO. The volume starts off with Yumi floating away into this daydream where she and Getsukou vow their love by a christmas tree (It is Christmas time) and live happily ever after. Ahh such dreams! Cheered on by her friends, Yumi decides to confess her love to Getsukou that afternoon when he canusually be found sitting under this huge tree in the school lawn. Yumi has her words all planned out. She wald up to him, introduces herself and tells him she likes him and wants to go out with him! Yay! And then, to her amazement, he gets up, smiles at her and agrees! Can things get any better for Yumi? Nope, after this things can only get worse. It turns out that the guy she just confessed her love to was NOT Getsukou HOSHINO after all! What? But he looks just like him! Well it looks like Yumi confessed to Nitsukou, Getsukou's identical twin brother! ACK! This was NOT who Yumi was trying to date! In fact, she doesn't know Getskou's brother very well at all! Yumi tries to apologize and makes her situation clear, but even knowing that Yumi was interested in his more calm, studious brother does not stop the more athletic/active brother Nitsukou from developing an interest in Yumi himself.... The next 2 stories revolve around a girl named Air SAWATARI who meets a girl at her school who is apparently a legendary witch. The witch, also named Air (her name is KAWAKUBO Air), agrees to help SAWATARI Air with furthering her relationship with the boy Air has liked since childhood who is now the schoo basketball champion. It's another cute love story! Finally, at the end of the volume there is a very short side story featuring Yumi and the twins again. This one seems rather surreal to me for some reason...

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