"Koigokoro Fantasia"
by Aqua MIZUTO
ISBN# 4-09-137592-8
Flower Comics, 1999

In case you couldn't tell by the HUGE eyes on this girl, her layered hair and detailed clothing, this manga is by Aqua MIZUTO, the same authr who did another manga I summarized, 'Go! Hajimaru' I like Aqua's art. Sure the eyes are bigger than usual, but the guys are really cute! Unlike 'Go!', this is yet another 'yomikiri' volume, it contains one self-contained short story that starts and ends in this one volume. The story itself is a little bit predictible, but it is very cute anyway ^_^ (as if all the series I summarize aren't 'cute' in some way! Hehehe)

The story begins with a girl's memory of when she was 5 years old. She is crying, and upset, but a little boy with her is nice and kisses her. Even though she is only 5, she consideres it her first kiss, and decides she loves the boy. The girl is named Kanata, and the boy is Haruka. Flash forward many years. Kanata is now in high school. She still carries with her a photograph of herself when she was little, standing next to Haruka. She has never forgotten him. In fact, she STILL considers Haruka to be her first love, and she is now looking for him. One day while travelling, she runs into a cute boy named Kairi. They keep running into each other on the trip to the ocean that they just decide to hang out together. Kairi follows Kanata as she continues her search for Haruka. It turns out Kairi is a classmate of Kanata's, so he gets to be around her more and help her in her search. Determined to to give up hope on the boy she remembers, Kanata keeps searching for the boy in her picture. And she finds him! Actually, she finds two of them! Two cute guys named Haruka claim to be the one in her photo. But which of them is the real Haruka? Kanata likes both boys very much, and clings to her love for the boy in her memory. But what about Kairi, who has been helping her all this time? He seems to like Kanata also! Who will she choose? Ahh the suspense :)

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