"Anata to Scandal"
(You and Scandal)
ISBN# 4-08-853710-6
Ribbon Mascot Comics, 1994

Now here is one that I picked totally at random.. 'Anata to Scandal' is the title. I thought the cover looked cute, especialy the one guy who looks like a cross between Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi, and Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing :D Anyway, it's a story that begins when cute girl Tomoka sees a really cute guy on the train and decides that *he* is the prince she has always been looking for. Tomoka's life is fairly normal. She longs for a boyfriend, has to suffer the annoying goof-off attention of a neighbor boy named MIYAZAWA, and gossips at school with all her friends. Then she gets tickets to a concert. It turns out Miyazawa is in a band. Tomoka goes to the concert, and who does she see there? None other than her 'prince'. He is the lead singer of Miyazawa's band. (Miyazawa is the drummer.)

So Tomoka has found her prince! She gets backstage during the concert , and after the concert she ends up getting a bit tipsy (well ok, drunk ^^) and ends up hanging all over the singer guy. This makes him very uncomfortable, needless to say. Especially when he finally gets Tomoka seated across from him so he can tell her the stunning truth... 'he' is actually a 'she'! ACK! Poor Tomoka. So much for her dashing 'prince'. It's a girl! Granted, she looks and acts very much like a guy. But she just isn't one.. (It's another gender confused manga story! Wow, I sure know how to pick em!) Ok. This is a harsh blow to Tomoka. I mean, is really CUTE! But she's a girl... oh what conflict! Now Tomoka must make a decision... does the fact that is a girl really matter? And why DOES she dress like a guy anyway? And just who is it that my favorite Duo/Nuriko look-alike really admire? Get the manga and find out :) There are 5 volumes total in this series!

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