"Yume made Kiss"
ISBN# 4-253-07923-7
Princess Comics, 1995

Yeah, it was a cover art purchase for this series ^_^ I thought the guy was cute :) And what can I say, I have a knack for picking out series with similar plot elements. The artwork in this series is very nice. Perhaps I just don't have very high art standards or something, because I tend to like most of the artwork I see. At any rate, everything is well detailed in this one. For some reason the main heroine has a sort of .. hmm.. anime? look about her? I think the shading on her hair has been simplified in a way that reminds me of an animation cel. I am probably not making any sense :) Anyway, this is yet another series about a vampire. However things are slightly... different because the vampire in question doesn't exactly drink blood.. he has a more interesting ability.

The main female character is a high school girl named Yume KOUTOU. She is pretty much like any normal school girl. She longs for that special someone with a gentle voice to say he loves her, etc. Unfortunately she cannot express her feelings to the one she likes. For over four years now, Yume has had a crush on a classmate of hers, a handsome guy by the name of Akechi-kun. Because of Yume's shyness, she has been unable to make any progress in her relationship with him beyond friendship. However Yume has a friend, a ratehr loud and determined girl named Kano-chan who has a plan all ready for setting Yume and Akechi up together. However before any plans can be set in motion, Yume's world is changed by a startling discovery.

Walking home from school one day she sees a couple in an alley kissing. Yume can't help but watch, but is shocked when after the kiss, the girl passes out, and the guy lets her slump to the ground. What is even more shocking is that the guy then closes his eyes and shapeshifts into the physical form of the girl he just kissed! Stunned, Yume makes a noise, drawing the stranger's attention. But before he/she can catch her, Yume runs away. Yume's second encounter with this mysterious stranger happens right in the middle of a 'date' between Yume and Akechi that was planned by Kano-chan. This time the stranger surprises Yume in a locker room and kisses HER! Before you know it, he has shapeshifted so that he now looks exactly like Yume!

Yume can't believe what is happening. As the stranger shapeshifts to look like her, she feels some strange sensations in her own body and is horrified to see that she has become.. a boy! Her face and hair are the same, but all sign of a chest is gone, and when she checks down THERE.. well, she is now a boy! It turns out that the stranger is named Arisu, and he is a vampire. However he doesn't drink blood, instead his diet is more along the lines of the hormones of whoever he kisses. He can shapeshift into the body of any girl he kisses! Woah! And now he looks just like Yume! Arisu proceeds to cause much havoc around the school, and poor Yume is left trying to stop him! This is a very fun manga ^_^ I really liked Arisu (what a cutie), and Kano-chan was funny as well. Poor Yume has to deal with her longtime crush on Akechi, the anctics of Arisu, the zeal of Kano-chan, and the addition of a couple other characters later who only create more chaos!

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